Wednesday, 28 November 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Book and info Packaging

For the packaging of the information pack I have started to research into some ideas of how i could packaging the whole pack together. The idea behind this is to something that is aesthetically pleasing and fitting with the design of the publication, but also something that is durable as it has to with stand going through the post. 
When looking at ideas and examples, i have found that i like the ones which are a envelope style, made from thin card or corrugated card.

This has an interesting fold to the packaging, with printed information direct onto the packaging it makes it more interactive and gives it more of a purpose than just some packaging, it becomes part of the design. 

I like the natural look this, with the stock and string used to bind the publication. 

The use of the label adds a block of colour to what would be a dull coloured front colour. This label gives the idea of organisation and important information. The packaging has a high standard of design to it. 

A simple design to the folder, but with an effective use and being able to hold alot of printed products

Good use of the cardboard stock, very strong and durable. The stocker both keeps it closed but also has the branding of the product. Colours and design all reflect on the product itself. 

A good use of string and the circle stopper to keep the string tied tight around the packaging. This gives a sort of DIY feel to the packaging, also connotations of vintage and distressed looks and style to it. 

Branding working well across the full board of items. 

Cleaver use of the format of the smaller packaging to fit within the bigger packaging. This looks effective in the design but also aesthetically when opened as shown above. 

A simple publication wrap could be all that is needed for the publication. In the case for my project and the idea for the packaging, once it has been opened it cant be fastened closed again. 

 I like the use of the cut through on the text and the illustrations coming through to the forefront. I think this could be an interesting idea to use within the packaging. 

Again the idea of having the cut out on the front cover to show through the contents of the packaging, i like this interaction between the packaging and the contents of it. 

A simple fold around packaging for the book, this works well to both protect the book in the post and aesthetically it looks good too. 

Great hand crafted packaging. The box itself looks good on it own with the small detail of the stitching down the middle, this gives a nice natural style and look to the packaging. With the small slip inside the packaging this brings in the user interactivity aspect of the packaging, making it more interesting to open and use. 

A great idea for a portfolio or something to contain lots of individual sections of information. The packaging works well to keep everything organised but also the aesthetics of it blends in with the silver of the information slips. Very surdy stock used for the packaging. 

Interesting format on this publication. The front cover acts as a front cover and the packaging for the book. Again this shows interactivity for the user when reading it and makes it more interesting both in the aesthetics and when looking through it. 

Very simple book covering which opens fully to give full access to the book itself. Not having it bound to the spine makes it easier to read because it can lay flat on the top. 

Even though the stock used in plain and simple, the addition of the paper craft within the structured grid, gives it definition and makes it more attractive to look at. 

Love the label which also acts as part of the binding. This is multi purpose in the item itself, but mainly works with aesthetics of the book. 

Very professional looking packaging, the simple design with just the logo on the front makes this seem very professional.

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