Monday, 26 November 2012

Design for web // Inspiration for final scamps

As i have already been looking at websites and looking for ideas on how i would design my own, i was thinking a little bit too ambitious for my own skills and i have realised that i need to re-think my idea and make it much more simpler.

I like the use of colour within this ensign. Also the lines spilt the page up well and make it easier to identify different areas of the page and what information they display.

This is a similar idea again, except i think it is a more elegant design. The pastel colours show a more easy going website and more friendlier on the eye. Again the lines in this website seperate the page up, but i also find myself following them and this makes you scroll down the page.

I like the use of the big picture that stretches across the page. 

The colours of this website represent the company and the idea of healthy eating. I like the use of the pictures and how they are displayed on the page. The information is set out in columns and are set inline with the images.

For me this website is brilliant for whisky / alcohol. It seems to be the sort of design that i would associate it with. The type and the way it is set out all works together well and creates the look of the website. I really like the type and could take the style and idea of it for something in future. 

These designs of websites are much more around the region that i think i can create for this brief and i still think that my own website will be a simpler version of these. We will have to see. 
I have chosen these websites i like the simplicity of the designs, they arent too over crowded and work in proportion to the screen sizes. The information within the websites are clearly easy to identify and read and they all engage the user.
I particularly like the first three designs; i like these because of the way the website is split up along with the information by the use of blocks and lines. I think this works really effectively for splitting the screen up and identifying key areas for the user to read. It makes the information more interesting to look at and easier to read in the first place. The simple navigation within them all is a good thing to take forward to my own website too.  

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