Thursday, 21 February 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Further research

From the workshops we have been doing on the this project we have looked at different formats and branding and other bits which have made us research into certain areas that could help us decide what to do for this brief. IN the last workshop we were given the options of:
- a brief history of
- a collection of
- an into to
- things you need to know about
- an exhibition of

I have decided that i am going to merge two together and look at a brief history of and an exhibition of. Whilst looking into BBC Radio more i came across the idea of 90 years of BBC broadcasting, so i am going to use this as the basis to my exhibition and be the history of BBC at the same time. I think i am going to link in the current stations now too. The whole idea of the exhibition is that it will be visual and audio, so throughout i want to visualise the spoken words of the radio and get over the tone of voice of different shows etc. 

In order to do this i need to research into:
- 90 years of radio - further research to what i have done.
- current BBC radio stations and some way to look at the tone of voice - podcasts?
- visuals to the radio and how this can be linked into the exhibition
- exhibitions
- interactive exhibitions
- branding of exhibitions

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