Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OUGD503 // Ella's Kitchen // Character Design

For the creative partners brief, me and greg have decided to do the Ellas kitchen brief, from this i came up with a concept to run through our products, which is to use the ingredients of the drinks and characterise them to tell the story of Ellas kitchen brand.

The brand are very aware of the ingredients and being organic and good the environment and the world, as this is a big importance to them, highlighting this throughout the branding of the products seems a good way to portray this to the clients and shareholders of company.

I have started to look into character design, in particular fruit characters. To start with i have looked generally at illustrations of fruit; looking mainly at fruit drinks as I thought this would provide the most visuals for this idea, from that i have looked at characterising fruit so we can use them through the products.

After looking at fruit character design, I came across the brand, which use characters of nuts within their packaging, I really like the hand drawn fun style of the illustrations and of the whole branding of the packaging in general, so i have looked at more of the products. 

Hopefully this will start generating some ideas for the characters to go with this concept for the brief.

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