Monday, 11 February 2013

OUGD503 // Secret 7" // Mark Weaver

Another designer which takes on this illustrated aesthetic with the use of image and textures etc, is Mark Weaver. This is a small selection of his work:

Again you can see that he uses the same sort of techniques - layering up imagery, textures and colour to create some interesting imagery. 
I think this style takes on more of a illustrative style and creates a much more unique and quirky design outcome. The mix of the colours and the imagery within the designs is a lot different and more alternative to that of Cristiana Couceiro, but still has the same kind of aesthetics and overall outcome to the this style of design. 

Again i think this style would definatly fit in with the secret 7". This use of imagery would fit the concept of not being able to use any words or reference to the artist, instead i could link it to some imagery instead. I think i can take alot fromt this style of work to go towards my own design work. 

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