Monday, 25 February 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Exhibition Branding

After looking into exhibition promotion, I wanted to look more closely into the branding of an exhibition and how this works over a range of different products and applications. I have found certain projects which show the branding over many products, but that are applied with thought and the whole idea of the branding is a concept to run over the products.

This branding is for exhibition on picasso and modern art, it was designed by Effektive Design studio in Glasgow. I like this branding because it has been adapted across lots of different products and applied to each one in a different way. The colour scheme of the branding is also nice and bright and airy which compliments the idea of the exhibition.

Another product by Effektive Design Studio, this is a publication which displays a number of exhibitions at a museum. I like the colour scheme used throughout, the orange against the black and white photography works really well and the orange stands out, this could be useful to think of in my own work. The format of the publication is good too, being able to rip out each page is great idea for publicising a exhibition. I think i could use this product within my exhibition to maybe be the guide?

Again another branding that is used across a range of products. This again is for a exhibition called cross over. I like how the branding is used over all the products, but each one is completely different. I really like the publication front cover, the concept of this is great having the cut out cross etc with the second stock below. The colour scheme is kept consistent throughout and the print colour and stock colour is very close to each other too, which makes it look more professional.

With this i really like the idea of the turned over corner, it can be used over all the products and be something that stands out and is different to other things. The pattern used on the underneath cover is nice and brings all the branding to life. The colour scheme is great and works over all products.

This isn't so much about the branding, but showing how the brand has come around, showing from the very first sketches through the digital process to get the final posters for an exhibition.

This is my favourite out of all of the ones i have shown, I dont particularly like the design of it, but how it has been executed to work across the different products is great. I think the product range for the promotion of the exhibition has been over exhausted and done to a great standard. The design of each individual product has the same concept and communicates the identity of the exhibition but yet each one is different. All the products are ones which would be seen in the public and be something that would attract people attention. I defiantly think i can use some of these ideas and products in promoting my idea.

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