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1Xtra DJs and show Branding

As part of our ongoing relationship with BBC 1Xtra we've recently revised the whole look and feel for the station. Aiming to create something more confident, slick and simple, we've produced a stripped-back scheme which focuses on big, bold type and loud colours.

We've also reworked the iconic 'bass pulse' to form a vibrant backdrop to the new, more engaging presenter photography.

Finally, to work alongside this we've developed a flexible messaging system that can be used across all genres and events and introduces a more conversational copy style – all set in our new custom 'Xtra Bold' cut of the brand font.

Studio Output are the design company which have done this branding.

The same company also did the BBC Hackney 2012 Big Weekend branding.

Having worked on Radio 1's Big Weekend over the past few years, we were excited to learn that the London 2012 warm-up event, Hackney Weekend, would be the biggest yet, with 100,000 revellers attending over the two days.

Showcasing UK and international artists alongside up & coming talent, the event also launched BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra's Academy; a series of masterclasses and workshops throughout June offering advice to young people from Hackney and East London. 

We began the branding process by devising a flexible logo lockup that would translate across various platforms and formats while showcasing the BBC network brands involved. The first implementation was a microsite to launch the event, and this styling was applied across the event materials – from security ticketing to eflyers and posters through to merchandise.

Working closely with the BBC and their production team, we executed the look & feel across onsite graphics, including the imposing main stage standing proud at 17m tall, 48-sheet posters, signage and wayfinding and some special over-sized onsite 3D graphics.

Also the BBC Fringe festival branding was done by the same company.

The BBC has a strong connection with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, broadcasting across different network channels from venues all over the city. In 2011, for the first time, the output was consolidated into one venue, giving a greater focus to the corporation's presence. Having worked with event teams across the radio channels, we were invited to create the visual identity, extending this into a graphic scheme which could dress the site.

It was important for the branding not to appear 'owned' by any single station or channel, but to feel at home across all of them. Our solution is loosely inspired by the satirical comedy formats of the 1960s, and reflects the spoken word output of the venue without being overly 'comedic'. The condensed, hand-drawn letterforms have a practical function and allowed us to create something unique with only a few elements.

We designed the event branding and site guides, and worked with the BBC web team to deliver a microsite. Along with the visual work, we named the venue 'The Bubble', resulting in the café venue being called 'The Baby Bubble'.

The radio 1 website was also designed by these too:

BBC Radio 1 launched its new website in November 2009 following a year of careful restructuring and redesign, led creatively by Studio Output and built by Collective. Using a bold photographic route for each page’s background, we designed a series of mini sets for the station, representing each show and its presenters. The work started with the design of new logos for every show; as with the photography, we combined consistency with individuality, creating a set of different logos all based around the BBC Radio 1 typeface, Century Gothic. 

The overall look and feel is a result of a year-long collaboration between Studio Output and artist & photographer Richard Paul. The outcome is a statement-making, vibrant site that is bursting with personality, a design that perfectly complements Collective’s brief to build a site that is more accessible and exciting for its users. Visit

BBC Blast was another BBC event that this company has designed for - 
BBC Blast is designed for 13-19 year olds, inspiring them to feel confident and get creative. From April to November 2009, the Blast Tour travelled all over the UK, offering young people free creative workshops and covering all areas of art & design, music & audio, dance, drama, film and fashion. 

Using Blast’s Fallon-designed branding, we developed graphic panels which would feature across printed material and on-site merchandise, as well as branding all the vehicles, banners and tents used on the tour. To communicate the creativity of Blast we recreated the movement created in brand animations, bringing that energy to life on 2D surfaces.

The final event that the company has worked on for the BBC was the teen awards

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