Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OUGD503 // Ella's Kitchen // Editorial Design

My task within our partnership was to look into editorial design for our project and how to design it to fit in with the product range.
The publication is to communicate the brand, after breaking this down into 4 elements, I need to look into publications we can work around these 4 elements / break it down to 4 separate books. I have started to look into multi format documents, by this I mean one publication that is broken down into 4 different books, each with a different format, but can be binding / held together to present as one document.

Looking at these publications and ways of creating a variety of publication formats together to create one, has given me lots of ideas for what i could create. 

I think this is the definite route to go down, as i think it will break the brand down into manageable chunks, with it being like this, it is more likely that the user will actually read through each section and take notice of it. 

This has shown that there are a wide variety of these documents out there and i need to look at ways in which they could be bound together, along with the format of each smaller book. Deciding on the content for each booklet should be the next step so i can decide what format will suit it the best. 

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