Monday, 11 February 2013

OUGD503 // Secret 7" // Inspiration

After looking at the secret 7 inch arists and deciding on which ones i wanted to do, i thought about the style of the work to create the artwork in. 
I have wanted to design in a collage / photographic manipulation style for a while and i have been waiting for the right brief to come along for this to work for, which i think this would be good to try it out on. 

Through using pinterest i have been pinning these kind of designs and it only came to me the other day that these are all of the same designer which is Cristiana Couceiro. 

This is just a brief collection of work by Cristiana Couceiro. I like this style of work, using photographs and layering up colours and textures over the top. It was the sort of design work i did when i was in college, so i happy to revisit this style and see my take on it this time. 
More of Cristiana Couceiro can be found here:

She has also done some vinyl sleeve designs herself, this one is for Marina and the Diamonds:

Again using the style of her own work she has created this vinyl sleeve. I think using aesthetics similar to this i can use it as inspiration for my own design. 

These images below are also good examples of the style that i am wanting to design the sleeve within. 

Again the use of photographic images, block colour layers and textures have been built up throughout the image to create the final artwork. This style can give some interesting and quirky imagery. Something that i think will fit in well with the whole concept of the secret 7". 

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