Monday, 14 January 2013

OUGD501 // Study Task 3 // Panopticism Essay

Write 400 words essay in relation to Panopticism in everyday life, using what we have learnt in both the lecture and seminar.
Use quotes from the article read in the seminar.


CCTV Cameras
- ways of always being watched
- feels like someone is always there watching you wherever you may be, can't hide from anything.
- prevent people from doing bad as they think they will be videoed doing this
- because they are always there it's a way of controlling people without anyone actually being there and looking over them
- makes people act differently, if they really wanted to do something a CCTV camera wouldn't stop them.
- form of security
- people may play up to the camera as they think they will be watched - not very often

Speed Cameras
- keep control of the roads
- a form of control over drivers
- a way to make roads safer without anyone having to be there
- it's okay having signs there saying it's a certain speed limit, but having the cameras there makes people take notice of it because they don't want to be caught
- being caught results in a punishment - fine, points on license - links back to childhood?
- even if cameras don't have film or turned on, people will always slow down as they don't know themselves - controlling without an actual act within it
- but are they helpful?  in a way to rebel against the cameras drivers often only stick the speed limit when coming up to camera then speed off after. This can cause accidents when slowing down and speeding up from a camera. The camera is not actually doing the job as only sticking to limit for that split second.

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