Saturday, 26 January 2013

OUGD501 // Study Task 1 // ‘Century of the Self’

10 important points raised in the documentary:- Bernays used Freuds psychoanalysis ideas to make people buy products.

- Bernays first experiment for the use of psychoanalysis, was persuading women to smoke. This was later referred as 'torches of freedom' - the cigarettes.

- Bernays realized that if you can use propaganda in war you could use it times of peace.

- Bernays didn't want to be associated with the propaganda as it was tainted because of nazi's using propaganda. He called his company the 'public relations council'.

- The Lehman brothers wanted Bernays to make the mentality of the public to shift from buying what they needed to buy what they desired.

- Bernays was the first person to use product placement by getting the actresses he worked with and was involved with to wear the dresses that were in the shops.

- The stock market was created because of consumerism, which Bernays took advantage of by persuades the general public to buy shares in banks that he was involved with.

- President Hoover wanted to improve the publics view of him, so he asked for Bernays help. He did this by getting celebrities to visit the White house, once the paparazzi got hold of this information, the newspapers headlines were "president entertains celebrities" which improved Hoovers image in the general publics eye.

- Bernays got Freuds work published in America, because he was bankrupted. Freuds work made the Americans scared, they didn't like the ideas he was writing about. The Americans started to believe that it was wrong to have one leader and the democracy needed a re think if it was possible for it to be run on there subconscious thoughts.

- New American president wanted a happy brainwashed society and to make all people "Constantly moving happy machines". He wanted the Americans to be a dormant/obedient society so they believed there dreams and ambitions had been filled by telling them what they desired.

One image that is/was in the mass media that relates to the nature of consumerism, desire & unconscious:

The advertisements for Skyy Vodka are very sexual which straight away refer to the sexuality and sexual lust within the ID of our unconscious.

The image on the left explores this even further. The man is not visible in the image apart from his arm and legs, the women is very close to them man and looking down on him in a very sexual way. The vodka bottle and glass in the forefront are positioned in a way that resembles that of the man and women, referring to the sexual nature of the relationship between the man and woman. The man is also holding out is glass for more, he is the one in control and making the orders, the woman is serving him and serving his other needs.

The image on the right is referring back to the castration complex. Again the man i only seen from waist down, but this is exaggerating more on the penis area, the stance he is in and the positioning of the man shows he is in control. The women on the other hand is laid underneath him, again showing that the male is above and higher than women. The women is wearing very little clothes and you can see she is looking up at the male, she is very vulnerable in the position and lack of clothes, this i see is referring to the way in which males would see women and how 'they should be'.

In both images there are links to femininity, they both are symbolising that women are the ones which are 'lacking'. The women are shown to be visually appealing and displayed in a provocative manner, this is for the viewers pleasure and a way in which males think of a female as a sexual object which is far fetched.

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