Tuesday, 15 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for web and print // Web inspiration

For my website for the 3 minute wander i have decided that i want to use some sort of boxes throughout the website. Having this as the main navigation across the home screen is what i was envisaging.

I have done some visual research to expand on this idea and hopefully develop it into my final website.

This image is for reference to the layout of the text and images. It is all lined up and makes a fuller rectangle when you look at it as a whole. I am wanting to produce something similar in the structure to this.

Again the use of blocks colour and text within the layout is the inspiration for my own website.

I love this design, the idea of different coloured boxes that make a larger shape as a whole. I think sort of idea could work really well with my own website. The text in between works well too.

structure of this website is great.

Looking at the construction of the boxes within the website and how this relates to the information bar at the side.

I like the overlaying text at the top and over the edge of the image too.

Great layout and construction of all the images. The use of different shapes within the space is interesting and could work well for my website.

I love the linear line created by this, but the intersected by the small breakdown of shapes within it. The heading and navigation fits in well with this too. A great layout.

The design of this website shows the 

I like the colours used within tis website along with the layout. I like the length of the website and the icons beneath the main image.

The grid on this website is set out well and looks aesthetically pleasing. The colours of the site is good too. I also like the navigation and header on it too.

With this website i like the large sized photo with the navigation down the left hand side. I think works well for the website and gives a large main content area. The style of the website is good also. 

I like the navigation down the left hand side and the interactivity that it shows. This is for a app and the way that it is designed shows this. The style of the illustrations and colour used is great. 

The black and white imagery work well on this page. I like how the images overlap each other and the text that overlaps it all too.

Th grid used for the images works really well and gives a structured look to the site. I small coloured detail along the top this adds some colour to the site but it isnt over powering. The navigation works well and fits in with the grid structure. 

The different sized boxes work well all together and shows a good interface for the website. The smaller boxes are a quater of the size of the bigger ones and when four are put together they make the same size. This could be a good idea to take forward to my site. The navigation also fits into the grid structure along the top too.

Again the layout of this site is what attracted me to it. The main icons along the bottom are in smaller content boxes which make the same size as the main content area. I like the large image at the top. and the navigation which is split both left and right along the top. The links are on the right which again work within the structure and layout of the site too. 

With this design i like how the long thin image goes across the full length of the screen but beneath it the content is in 4 columns. The navigation also fits into these columns too. The links being on the right and layered up on top of each other. The title is on the left. I also like the black and white imagery being used against the block colour when the content is shown. 

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