Thursday, 24 January 2013

OUGD504 // Colour for print STUDY TASK

As part of the research and presentation we have started collating for Print Processes we were set this task to tie in with the previous task of Design for print.
Taking the same categories as that task:
- Branding & identity
- Packaging & promotion
- Publishing & editorial
- Information & way finding
but this time to look into the categories for the purpose of colour, so I will look at:
- CMYK (process)
- Spot Colour (2 or more)
- Monochrome & Tints (solid colour and half-tone).

For each category i will look at each colour process and find examples of each.


Spot Colour
- Editorial & Publishing

Spot Colour - yellow, used throughout the publication. 

Spot colour green - used on headings.

Spot Colour - neon yellow - printed over black and white packaging.

- Promotional

Spot green and red.

Spot colour ed

Spot colour red.

Spot colour red on white.

Spot colour pink. On white and blue print.

- Editorial
Shortlist magazine - CMYK print throughout the magazin.

Showing the CMYK articles and imagery.

Newspaper - CMYK process.

Newspaper - CMYK process used throughout.

Gym Fitness brochure. CMYK used throughout on the imagery.

CMYK book covers.

- Packaging

Pink print on packaging paper bag.

CMYK print packaging.

Printed milk packaging using CMYK process

orange and black CMYK packaging.

- Branding & Identity

CMYK printed business card

CMYK printed business card.

Monochrome & Tint
- Editorial

green tint publication.

monochrome black publication.

monochrome, burgandy newspaper print.

- Promotional

black and white flyer design.

monochrome flyer which yellow accent.

monochrome flyer.

monochrome and tint flyer.

 - Packaging

one colour printed packagaing.

- Branding & Identity


Publishing & Editorial
- Spot Colour

Spot colour front covers.

spot red using within the titles.

Spot blue colour used on front covers.

Spot green used within the publication article.

Spot yellow, orange and silver on top of each other.

CMYK imagery used within publication

CMYK background block colour.

CMYK editorial imagery.

CMYK imagery and overprint of title and body copy within DPS.

multipage document using CMYK printing process.

- monochrome & tints
tint within publication front cover.

black on white print.

black and white article page.

black and white content page.

Black and white editorial pages.

Branding & Identity
- Spot colour
Spot green used throughout branding.

spot orange used as paper stock and labels.

spot blue used in the branding.

spot red used throughout branding.


- Monochrome & tint

black and white screen prints.

black and white laser cut business cards.

Black and white printed business cards.

blak and white business cards.

monochrome identity.

Packaging & Promotion
- Spot colour
spot purple used on packaging.

spot colour for pantone colour set.

spot colours used on coffee promotion.


green and yellow CMYK packaging.

Fruit CMYK packaging set.

CMYK chocolate box.

-monochrome & tint

one colour black print.

white labeling applied to honey jars.

one colour print on bag label. One colour print on bag itself

Information & Wayfinding
- Spot Colour

spot colour red on poster.

spot colour red on signage

spot colour - yellow - throughout publication DPS

Spot colour green on signs.


CMYK print on inforgraphics

CMYK info graphic poster.

Mcdonalds CMYK print info graphics.

- Monochrome & tints
Once colour with tint type poster

Tint with blue colour on infographic poster.

Once colour wall decal.

one colour way finding signage.

tints on info graphic information page.

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