Wednesday, 9 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Hand Drawn illustrations and designs

After deciding on changing the direction of the project, i have started to look at more hand drawn designs and illustrations to help inspire me for the layout and use of the hand drawn elements within my booklet.

I like the hand drawn drawings in this image. This style is good and could work well within my publication.

Again the hand drawn illustrations are good and look nice, this could work in my publication but i would have to do it myself.

A more modern take on hand drawn writing, but again i still like it and i like how the illustrations are incorporated into the words. 

publication which used hand drawn illustrations throughout the publication. 

hand drawn illustrations with marker pens. This shows what they were drawn with. 

Publication with illustrations. Cardboard to give the recycled look and the illustrations add to this style of publication.

Hand written text - i could do this myself throughout my publication.

hand drawn isometric paper, something that should be calculated and perfect,but when hand drawn it doesnt achieve this - but it looks pleasing to the eye.

Hand drawn ingredients menu. I like the look of the symbols. 

The remaining images are of hand drawn illustrations. This includes patterns, writing and general drawings. This style of illustrations is the sort i want to include within my publication. They will add to the hand draw style throughout and make it more personal to the user. 

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