Friday, 18 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // App inspiration

After the crit i was told designing an app could be a good way to further develop the work. To get some inspiration i first looked on the app store on my phone, to see if there was any sort of app already out there that would be similar to mine:

These images above show the different apps available that are around the idea of puzzles which are apps available for iphone.

This is a app which is based on doodle drawing. The design of this is very hand drawn based and involves lots of hand drawn drawings within the design of the app. This is quite sparse as there needs to be room for the to actually draw on it.

Another app which involves drawing. This has a much different design to it and looks alot more modern. The difference in the design is quite alot and shows that there isnt one style to the apps.

More free apps which are available for download for the app, these are again based around drawing.

Above is a good selection of app which are related to the one that i am going to design. I wanted to have a look to see if there was anything which was similar in concept or idea to what i want to create and from looking i dont think there is - there is ones which are drawing etc but nothing along the lines of puzzles and drawing and what i am creating in one app. So that is a good thing. The other i wanted to see what the sort of layout of them.

Alot of them have the main navigation at the top of the screen - this would include the name of app, getting back to the main screen and another button on the other side.
At the bottom of the screen would be a smaller navigation which is more for the game itself - it would have buttons and other interactive ways to make changes to options etc of the game. 
Taking this into account will be good for when i design my own app.

From this i looked at some more design based app, to see what other people are designing app likes:

I like the illustration of this and how it has a hand drawn style, this could work with the app i am designing. 

I like the use of the background image, but with the information on top shown on a block colour with a lowered opacity. I think this works effectively on an app. 

Bold and simple app icons - i could use the idea of some of these within the design of my app.

I like the placement of the type within the screen of the phone. Also how the logo has been adapted to work within the name of the app.

Nice geometric shapes, these work well together as a set and create a really bold statement within the iphone app. I like the overlaying text on the first one.

3d imagery used within an app - or this could be adapted to be used within the app icon - it could make it more interesting and give it some depth.

I like the colours used on this app, the several screenshots show the different screen which are all well designed. The composition and positioning  of all the elements have been well thought out and create a well designed app.

I like the colour scheme within this app and how the background colour is taken from the iphone colour, with it all being white and the blue font colour being used, it makes it look very wintery.

Great app icon design. The pencil drawing works well within the idea, this could be a good idea for my app?

I presume this is an ipad app, as it is alot bigger than the iphone. But i still think this is relevant. I like the design of the colour picker and the top icon bar. It is all easily read and simple to use. If i could design this on a smaller scale for my app it would be great.

Again i like the use of colour and how the gradient has been used within the background colour. The colours are linked to the different weather / heat. The overall layout of the app is creative too, makes it very designed based and stands out from the rest. 

Simple and elegant opening screen on the left. I like the typing screen with the different colour bars beneath. I dont know how this works without the keyboard popping up but still it is a good design for that type of app and the idea of this could be easily used within the typing element of my app.

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