Monday, 28 January 2013

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Packaging inspiration

Now i have designed that publication and the other smaller items which will be packed with the publication, i had to think of some sort of packaging, for two reasons: firstly it needed to be able to be sent out through the post and the other thing is that with it being an item that is designed well and using the stock of the company it makes it like a limited edition publication, something that has a value to it, packaging it in a nice box, plays on this more and gives it an extra wow factor, it is also something that it can be kept in and made sure that the printer has it kept in best condition to be used over and over again. 

I have looked at a range of packaging for books which could be used for my project. 

I like the design on the front of this, it is in keeping with the style of the work i have done for this project and the packaging will need some sort of design within it. 

The bold colours and use of abstract shapes makes this packaging stand out and different from others.

A simple envelope design, but by adding the the two circle loops, it makes it more up market and design led than an ordinary envelope, also with the thicker and nicer looking stock this also adds a better aesthetic to the envelope. 

Great solid structure to the packaging, that is made from a durable material, good for posting and protection. The use of colour from the publication against the packaging colour works well and also includes a well designed design on the front. Very interesting. 

The same material has been used here again, except left in its natural form. This has the same good points behind using the material and the design is very in keeping with the product being packaged inside.

The bold striking colours, set out in the solid block shapes, makes this packaging stand out and really catch your eye.

The yellow spot colour used on this packaging, really brightens up the grey material used, with the dull background the yellow is very vibrant and stands out nicely to catch your eye. 

Good design on front which uses the space and placement well. 

The natural card stock used here looks good along with design which is a play on the packaging labels of packaging. The white stands out and makes an attractive packaging. 

I like the idea of the label being used and wrapping part way around the packaging, using this with colour can make a bold statement on the packaging. Here it works well because of the white against the natural card stock. The structure and layout of the label is well designed too. 

These two images are an emphasis on the circle loop holder to use on to fasten something closed. I really like this idea and think the aesthetic of it is strong within the product itself. I think this could be something i could incorporate into my own packaging, along with the label design i saw on the previous image. 

These images and research have given me some good ideas which i can take forward and apply to my own idea of the packaging for the publication. I know i want to create something that is in keeping with the paper craft theme and plays around the idea of unwrapping something and how the user would interact with it when it was being unwrapped. 

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