Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Postage stamps//general energy saving

To start with i looked into what energy saving things you could do within the world, to see what categories i could work with before i started to look closer at these to get the relevant information

Eco- friendly
Energy consumption - efforts made to reduce energy consumption achieved through increased energy efficiency use and decrease in energy consumption
Low impact transport -  transport with low impact on environment
Zero-carbon Housing - buildings with zero net energy consumption. Independent from the grid.
Reducing water over-consumption - situation were resource - use has outpaced the sustainable capacity of the eco-system

Renewable energy
- hydro electricity
- wind power
- solar energy
- geothermal
- biomass and biofuels

alternative transport
- walking
- cycling
- public transport
- carshare

in home
- lighting
- water
- heating
- insulation

everyday things
- replace old lightbulbs with energy saving ones
- turn off electrical appliances
- air dry dishes
- clean/replace air filters
- close vents/doors
- lower temp on washing machine
- energy efficient appliances

- at home
- organic waste
- reuse shopping bags
- reuse waste

- roofs
- walls
- windows
- draughts
- floors

- local grown food
- fresh instead of frozen
- farmers markets
- organic foods
- eat less meat

These are the different categories and the things you can do within each categories to save energy i found online.

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