Monday, 26 March 2012

Manifesto//visual design manifesto's

From various design websites and blogs i found design manifesto's that are visually designed. This is the aspect in which i want to do for mine, so finding these and using them as inspiration for my own will be good for me.

I like this style of working especially for the manifesto, i think it splits the poster up well by separating the page for each point of them manifesto, just shows you can create something interesting just using type!

This is a manifesto design by Steven Acre, this is another manifesto about design, but i liked this because of the way it is displayed. The design has been screen printed onto a piece of wood, which i think is a really interesting way to do this, could potentially be an option for me to experiment with

This is the design of 'obsessions make my life worse and my work better' which was listed in the previous post from one of the designers i have looked at. This manifesto/quote was created by using 1 euro coin and done in a public area. Again another interesting way to display the information, not something that i would personally do, but shows how you can be creative in the way in which the information is displayed.

Verity Davis - Manifesto
Visually express how you see the world of contemporary graphic design snd/ or where you would like it to be.
Craft has been a very important part of my development as a designer this past year. It communicates a considered almost emotive approach given to each and every brief. Craft is not only learning new skills. It is the application of devotion to your subject

I decided to take a look on the behance network to find some more visual manifesto's, the majority of them are on design but a few aren't but are linked back to anyway, so its all relevant to me.

A manifesto based on why the designer started graphic design in the first place

A manifesto on stealing designers work

A project that takes a lighthearted look at some of the failings of the design industry, many of which are more relevant than ever moving into the digital future...

The Invisibility of Graphic Design

What good design is

Sustainable design manifesto

Even though all these manifesto here are design based and i may not be doing it specifically on design i like the visuals of it all, and how you can create design from the manifesto to make it more design based.

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