Wednesday, 21 March 2012

COP//workshop on practical idea

A couple of week ago we had a workshop with Jo about our idea for the practical element of the COP module. For this we had to come up 10 interesting facts off our design context blog that we could use to develop an idea for this.

1. Aesthetics - using the aesthetic i like as a focus to create work - Practice - got rid of - I will work in the style i like anyway
2. public advertising - advertising to a mass audience on a large scale format - Practice - got rid of - Not interested in theory, only aesthetic of
3. Post Moderism - using the style of work and things going on in that time to create work - Theory - got rid of - not interested in
4. Erik Kessels - working within this style of work, image,type,black and white - Practice - got rid of - Links in with zones in the style of work
5. Modernist design - simple clean structured work, sans serif type. - Theory - like the style but can always incorporate this into my design work
6. Subcultures & effects on graphic design - how subcultures have effected graphic design throughout time - Theory - got rid of - No idea coming to mind
7. Zines/books - way of producing a given subject. Style of these - Practice - got rid of - see this as an outcome not a subject to work on.
8. Anthony burrill/screenprinting - using style of work to produce own work similar - Practice - got rid of - See this as a process not a subject to work on.

9. Manifesto - use of motivational language - Theory - Kept
- looking into manifesto and motivational language, produce some sort of motivational book/design book

10. History of type - how type as evolved through time - Kept
- history of type, through images, timeline, book, pop-up book.

After we choose the two ideas we liked the most we then in a group discussed these and got feedback on the idea the rest of the group liked the most.

Mine was the manifesto idea because:
- more interesting idea
- like idea of self- help/inspirational
- can create lots of visuals from it

I found this workshop very useful and i didn't really have any sort of idea before this, but after doing it i had a good idea which i could work with and take further.

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