Friday, 30 March 2012

Manifesto//Final Idea

Final idea:
I will produce a publication on design manifesto's using existing designer manifesto's from across the years.
I am going to create a timeline of manifesto's dating as far back as i can find to present. With these manifesto's i am going to pick out certain parts which i agree with/find interesting and analyse this within the time period it was made (why the designer made the point and how it is effected by the period of that time). The parts in which i pick out i will visualise in the style of graphic design in that period.

This i feel is more in keeping with the brief as it has more of a theory to it because i am analysing the content of the manifesto and then creating a visual design of this within the style of that period. It is also keeping the main point of my original idea which was to visualise existing parts of design manifesto's.

The content of this publication will demonstrate the differences in the manifesto's back in time to the ones present and show how they have changed over time, it will also be an inspirational publication for any graphic designer.

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