Monday, 26 March 2012

Manifesto//The manifesto project

As i was searching the internet for manifesto's on design/designers i came across this website:
This is basically a a project on manifesto's that was set up by Tankboys and Cosimo Bizzarri.
"To say that the end result is what counts is just not true. Especially in design. Rather, a good designer is more concerned with the process; that winding, potholed road he embarks upon every time he gets a new job."

“Manifesto.” is an ongoing project that leaves the final result to one side so as to focus on the creative process. It brings together under one roof the personal manifestos of some of today’s smartest and most renowned international designers.

Whilst some of these statements are very well known, others have been prepared exclusively for the project: some are programmatic pieces of writing, some are detailed work manuals, all are passionate tributes to graphic design, creativity and the design culture.
Taken from the website.

What it is
The exhibition gathers the professional beliefs—either serious or irreverent, unpublished or appositely prepared—of some of the smartest and most respected professionals of today’s design world. The quality of the content—and not the form—was the principle that guided our research, and only a few of the 21 manifestos contained in the exhibition are successions of bullet–point intentions. We prefer to think that even a postcard, a page, a book, or a seven–word–sentence can be a manifesto. The content of each manifesto differs quite drastically from the other. Some speak of grids and typography, others of coffee breaks and car drives, others of being shy or mad. They are all, in our opinion, fervent declarations of love towards design.

Seeing this was where i got the idea of using designers manifesto's/manifestos on design. The majority of the manifesto from designers that i have gathered together have been from this project, so that has helped me loads in finding them. 

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