Friday, 30 March 2012

Manifesto//Presentation Feedback

In general my idea was good and explained how i wanted the aesthetics of the project to be, the content i explained works fine but needs more theory and context to it to forfill the brief properly.

- use movements in graphic design to visualise - modernism, postmodernism- doesnt have to just be designers
- find out what certain points of the manifesto i isolate mean by contacting the designer - relate this back to historic context
- do your own analyse of the manifesto, why i think it says this, what it means to me in todays world.
- historical analysis of manifesto
- look into background of when the manifesto was made and how the points within relate the world at that time - a timeline of manifestos

How i will apply to my idea:
I am still going to keep the idea of using designer's manifesto and the aspect of picking out certain parts which i agree with, but to link it into context, i am going to make it into a timeline of manifesto's, using ones from certain periods, (60s, 70s, 80s etc to present time) and of iconic designers of that time in graphic design. I can then analyse how this manifesto relates to the period of time.
This will also give me an aesthetic for visualising the parts of the manifesti.

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