Tuesday, 13 March 2012

OUGD406//postage stamps

For this brief we dare designing stamps to do with energy efficiency and other things that can help save the world, these stamps are to educate the future citizens, so i thought it would be a good start to have a look at existing designs for stamps in general. I did find some which were actually for this brief but a previous year!
I like the visuals linked in with all these ideas of effecient ways of living

I like the colours used on these, but i don't really like the font or anything else, these colours give the feel of recycling and helping to save the world.

I love the imagery on theses, it is very bold and eye catching, something i could use for my designs

These 3 were from a previous year but for the same thing, i like how they all work together as a set and seeing the booklet design for the stamps helped me visualise what i needed to do for mine, the visuals on the stamps look quite cramped with a lot of information, something i want to stay away from.

Simple imagery, which doesn't need any explantation to it, like the colours too.

This is my particular favourite, i like all the colours used; they all link in with the feel of recycling and reusing and i like the style of the work, they are kept nice and simple and work really well, the information is useful too.

I love these designs, i like how the denomination of the stamp has been used within the type on it, i think its a nice way of doing something on such a small scale.

Experimenting with embossing, not something i would of thought to use on a stamp, but now seeing this, it could be interesting to experiment with this.

Another entry from another year, i like the colours used within these stamps, not too keen on the design of them though.

Simple bold imagery to the stamps, stands out and catches your eye.

I like how the two stamps are linked to together here by the illustration.

Really simple designs for the stamps, i think this is too simple though, it does create a bold statement with just the image but personally id like to see more with the given space.

I like how these designs look informative, the block colours look like some sort of graph in each one, which i think could be good to try out and see the outcome, or maybe just to incorporate that some way into my design.

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