Thursday, 6 December 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print & Web // Design Direction

To get me started on the brief, i have looked at some design work that is centred around the sort of things that i want to create and the style that the campaign would take on. 

Ideas on packaging. I think this would be a great idea for the packaging of the campaign - its something different and also would work well for posting the pack out. Its brings all the products together in one bag/pouch. I would make this idea out of trace and sew it along the top as shown in the top image. 

The images above are all from the same design campaign. I like the way the products are all taking on the same style and work as a set together. The idea behind the packaging and other smaller details make this much better than what it would be - printing onto front of book, invite packaging. 

This again is from the same product. This is a publication, which i like the style of. Using the bright block colours work well to get your attention. The colours of the products all work well together and are of a pastel colour scheme which look really calming colours. The design of the inside of the publication is really interesting, its a mix of modern and hand drawn elements. I like the style of the hand drawn things and could carry this through to my idea.

NHS health campaign posters. I think these are really creative. The illustrations on each product are  very inventive and work with the causes and descriptions. They are very bold and stand out to you, i would remember these if i saw them - something i should take into consideration.

Below are more images that i found which i like the style and design of. These are taken from various websites and all have some sort of feature within the design that i could use as inspiration for my own work.

I have looked into newspapers, quite specifically because i havent designed one before - here are more images to add from previous posts and images above. I have looked at different colours and layouts used in the newspapers. Along with the front cover design too.


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