Thursday, 27 December 2012

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Newspaper inspiration

For the newspaper there will be a info graphic section, for this i have started to look at layouts of infographics and general layouts that i could use within the newspaper too. 

I like the simple round donut info graphic. This is split up by using different colours. The colours are all of the same colour scheme and ones which work together well. The information coming from the info graphic explain what it means and how it displays it.

The above 2 images are from the same publication. You can see the the green colour is consistent across the publication, but not just in the info graphs but used throughout the articles and normal pages too. I like the use of colour and the different tints too. The info graphics are very simple but work well in this context, especially along side the body copy. 

The above 4 images are all form the same publication, but you can tell this by the design style and colours that are repeated throughout the document. The info graphics are very bold and placed well amongst the article itself. I like the bright yellow used throughout the document and this contrasts agains the black. It is very bold as a publication and would defiantly stand out from the rest.

I like how the type and information is taking up the whole half of the DPS and the second half sort of backs up the first fact with more information. The colour and layout of the DPS is good too. 

Bright colours and simple layout make this design work at its best.

This shows a good mix of body copy along with the info graphic. I like the layout and the use of the white illustrations to separate the area where the info graphics are.

I like the contrast of the vibrant red against the more dull grey. The page is laid out well for the amount of information that is shown. 

Using a symbol / image of something from the actual subject works well in this case - Using the leaf as the basis of the info graphic. I also like the colours and stock this is printed on, the format of it is interesting too. 

I love the front cover of this design. It works both as a info graphic as the round sections of the image create the different percentages or amounts of the information. But it also works as a design and image too.