Monday, 3 December 2012

OUGD501 // Seminar

Over the last couple of weeks we haven't had a seminar to follow up some of the lectures, as the sessions have been used for finalising our subject matter for the essay and practical side of the module.

For this seminar we looked over the last 4 lectures, in order to do this, in pairs we had to summarise one lecture and present this to the group. It was to recap the lecture and to get a brief understanding of the lecture in reference to graphic design.

Cities and Film
- city in modernism
- personality of urban space
- city as public space
- city in post-moderism
- relation of the individual to the crowd in the city

Antonio Gramsci
- Fordism - body as part of the machine - Charlie Chaplin - Parodies

- stroller, lounger
- making observations
- not just experiencing the city as a worker who is part of the machinery but instead being removed from the crowd and observing and commenting on the city.

Walter Benjamin
- adopts idea of Flaneur as analytical device - as memoir but with critical angle

Photographer as Flaneur
- Susan Sontag - records the experiences of being a flaneur

- experience of women in society as flaneur

Arbus / Hopper
- stereotype of women within photography

Cindy Sherman
- snapshot moments of an isolated figure in urban environment
- no reference in image of location - undefined

Public / Private
- lawsuit brought against people for using photographs of people without consent
- wasn't liable because it was being used for art and not advertisement.

Citizen Journalism
- end of flanuer as there was more availability of photography through mobile phones and digital compact cameras

Surveillance City
- always being watched.

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