Sunday, 9 December 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // GFSmith - Colorplan

After GFSmith did a visit and talk to the studio on Friday, i have looked into them more. They showed some of the products they have to promote their papers within the talk. The colorplan playbook stood out to me a lot. Not only did i think about this brief which it generates great ideas for, but in general i loved the idea and how it put together with the use of the papers. It really does show of the papers to a great standard and the publication is very good. The binding method used is very innovative and works with whole idea of the publication. 

The bind here ties both publications together, you can only get either of the publication when the opposite side in fully opened, it is a really clever idea and works well in this instance. Also the reduction of any binding method is good for a high number job run. 

The die cut shapes work well on these pages within the publication, being able to see the stock below on the same pages bring the interactivity back into the publication and makes it more fun. I think if i was to include something like this into my own publication i want to show more than just the stock below it, maybe cut each page different to show it through the shape. 

This publication is my favourite, the idea of cutting the pages at an angle works with being able to see the pages within the publication, this works in a way to show the different stock and colour within the publication and showing how they can interact with each other. This shape of the pages is very striking and gives the publication a strong visible aesthetic. I think using this idea within my own publication would be great, but i would want to use a different shape for different sections and ranges of paper. 


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