Monday, 18 March 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Wayfinding

The last area that i have researched into is the wayfinding of a exhibition. As part of my project this is something that i want to look at and i think it is apart of the identity of the exhibition. I would defiantly transfer the branding over this range of products throughout the wayfinding of the exhibition as it still displays the identity of the exhibition within it.

The research that i have conducted on this area is pretty wide in terms of the application of the wayfinding system and how it woud be used within the exhibition. There is a wide variety of ways that the system can be brought into the exhibition. If you look at the examples from the GFSmith exhibition, the wayfinding does become part of the exhibition and something that you would think is the exhibition but the purpose of it is the actual wayfinding system and showing the visitors the different areas and schedule of the days. I really like the floor plan of the exhibition on page 7, this i think is a great idea to include and makes the exhibition become more interactive my having this there to be seen, it think this is a much better way than just having it as a graphic on the wall, its much more tactile and engaging to the visitors.
I do like the simple formats of the wayfinding systems, the ones which just have the vinyls on the wall, but are broken up by colour of numbers or something similar, i dont want the wayfinding to be something which takes away from the exhibition itself, but yet i still want it to stand out and be clear and visible to the visitor. I think getting this balance right will be key.
I have defiantly seen that the vinyl approach to applying the wayfinding to the walls or simple signs hanging from the ceiling or being apart of the exhibition walls is the way in which i want to take this, because i want it be obvious and stand out that it is there, but also look as though it belongs there and sort of blend into the background so it doesnt take anything away from the exhibition itself. Getting this balance right will be key throughout the project.

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