Monday, 18 March 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Information

Another section of the exhibitions i have looked into is the actual exhibits itself and how an exhibition is laid out for the space and how an individual would walk around and see the exhibition. This isnt an area that i want to concentrate on for the project, but i do want to propose some of the artwork in which would be present within the exhibition, so researching into this is relavant and will provide me with the needed knowledge which may help me propose some of the content for the exhibition.

The images here show a wide collection of exhibition spaces and ways that the information within the exhibitions can be displayed. I want the exhibition to be very engaging and interactive to catch the attention of the teenagers and make them want to get involved with the exhibition, to achieve this i think i need to provide bold and simple graphics which explain the content of the exhibition well. The use of interactivity can play to my advantage by using computers, sound and vision within the exhibition, this would be a great way to inform the audience about the content and be something which will engage them too. The research that i have taken out shows alot of simple and bold exhibition spaces, i would want to mimic this and create a exhibition that has a lot of colour and simplistic artwork to inform the audience.

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