Monday, 18 March 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Further Branding Research

After looking a little bit into exhibition branding and the range of products that you could produce for the branding of an exhibition, i wanted to look at this further and delve into the branding more. I wanted to focus more onto the actual branding of something and not so much on the product range this time.

I have collected a range of images which show a wide variety of branding, in various forms, these are all for different things and not necessarily for exhibition branding, but I have looked at that in more detail and will be discussed in a while.

This collection of images show a massive area of branding and how it has been tackled over a range of products. I think it is important to keep this in mind when designing a brand identity as it must work over the full range of products, also this range of products have to be relevant to the brand itself. Looking more at the design, depending on the type of business it is, depends on the aesthetics of the branding. You can use also of different techniques within the branding which are shown within these images. I have noticed that branding that is for an exhibition, seems to use much more brighter colours and a bigger range on the colour scheme, within business branding it seems to be more one accent colour along with black. I want to keep away from this as i think it will make the branding too formal, which appealing the exhibition to school age teenagers wouldn't really work. I will use a bigger range on the colour scheme and definatly orange being the main colour. Looking at these branding that use orange / red the branding really stands out and works well against black or white stock, this i think can work to my advantage and make the branding of this exhibition really vibrant and bright. The products which have been used in these sets of branding are quite different too, the branding that is based more around exhibition or creative businesses tend to include more creative products or products you wouldnt always think of, but i like this and i think i will definalty introduce some item like this amongst my branding. I really like the 'studion at akestam holst' branding, this is for an exhibition and I think you can definatly tell that by the the products and the style of the branding. The main design of this is using black, but colour is introduced through the stock which i think is an interesting way to add colour to the branding. I could incorporate this into my branding, using a bright colour stock with imagery in black and white and text in black and white could work really well in this instance and also stand out, if i could get some fluorescent orange stock or a really vibrant orange, i wouldnt have to worry about creating an orange digitally then and it printing how i want it to also.

Looking into branding further, i have looked more specific at exhibition branding and how this differs to a business branding.

Looking through this collection of braning for exhibitions, i have tried to look for branding that has used bright vibrant colours and ones which use orange, this has worked well in my favour as i can see how they have applied this colour throughout the branding and how it works on each product within the branding.
The first thing that i have noticed is that the branding products of the exhibitions is alot more fun, they don't have products which are so formal, the only real formal items are the business card and letterhead, everything else is taken from a much more light hearted aspect in my view, but thats because the products have to interact with the exhibition space and the visitors to the exhibition too.

Out of this collection I have some favourites which i am going to discuss, my main favourite is the 'Blanca branding' this is pages 22-32. I love the formats that have been used throughout the products on this bradning and how the branding has been applied to each of the products differently each time. The publications that have been created catch my eye the most, the coloured ones are great, i see these as being exhibition guides or information to an exhibit space, i think the interaction of these is really strong which the cut out logo being on them showing through the infomation on the inside, i also like the small tab on the right hand side. This holds information on what the publication is and what the content of the publication is, I think this is a creative way to show this information and means you can loose the contents on the inside, making a more visual publication for the inserts. This i could see working for my project really well. The other product that i like is the white publication that is bound together with the elastic band. Again this has the branding on it with the cut out logo. The format of this publication is what i am interested in the most, i gather that this is like the exhibition brochure, which is made up of separate publications. I am wanting to create a brochure for my exhibition and the idea of having separate publications for the exhibits work really well when you see it being collected and presented in this format, it could be interesting to use.

I also like the 'MUDE' branding. The design to me isnt that spectacular - the front of the letterheads anyway, but i really like the idea of having the pattern on the reverse, especially using the vibrant colours they have used here, the orange on these images have worked a treat and looks really nice contrasting against the black within the pattern and then the whole pattern image works well against the white stock of the front of the letterhead. I think this could be interesting to use within my project, if i used a fluorescent orange and screen printed these it could look really strong for a branding concept.

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