Monday, 18 March 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Format

Another area which i have looked into is format, I want to create a more interesting format for the publications of the exhibition, this can also work in favour for the invites too. I want to get away from using the 'A' sizes as i think this restricts the design and is pretty boring. If i can use them in a more interesting way and produce a different format of a publication using 'A' sizes then this will bode well for the exhibition and hopefully make it more engaging to read.

From looking at the research images i have collected you can see that alot of the formats have actually come from an 'A' sized sheet, they have just been designed around these differently and cut down to a different sized format. Using a ratio within the size could be an interesting way to get away from the standard sizes and produce something more aesthetically pleasing. I like the idea of the folding brochures / concertina books, these work well to hold alot of information but can be any sort of size and fold down to a much smaller size, working across the concertina will create a bigger area to design within too. I also like the documents which have are made up of several publications all being different sizes, this breaks down the content of the publication well and makes it easier to read smaller chunk of information and actually take in the information as you arent overwhelmed by the amount of information in front of you. The different publications built up on top of each other also looks aesthetically pleasing and interesting too. Using coloured stock within theses documents looks good too - the green one for examples, that small insert of green stock makes the publication come to life and much more interesting to look at, the print is blak white white over the stock too, so the colour of it is always at the essence of the publication. With the other publications amongst it being black and white all three contrast each other well and creates an eye catching publication.

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