Monday, 18 March 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Promotion

Promotion is the main part of this brief for me, I am focussing in on this because i want to experiment with printing techniques and formats throughout, so this is the best application to apply this to. Also the promotion comes into the whole branding of the exhibition too, which is another area i want concentrate on, so this basically brings everything together that i want to explore within the project.

When looking into the promotion side of things i wanted to research into products which would be relevant to what i would be able to create for the exhibition. So i have looked mainly at publications, invites, posters, binding techniques and information packs. I think these would be the basis of my promotion products and from that i would create more creative products too, i also thought it would be good to look into gift items and stationery for the museum too - on page 11, this shows stationery of the design museum, which i think looks really good and very aesthetically pleasing, the design of these is in keeping with the overall style of the museum, but i think it would be great to produce something like this too.
I have mainly researched into the actual products which the promotion would involve and not so much on the design of these. From looking at the research i can see the sort of products that i should be including in my promotion for the exhibition, but this also includes products that will be present around the exhibition too - like brochures and posters etc, but i still class this as promotion because it is about the museum.
I really like the format of the invites and tickets on pages 18-22. These invites and publication are from the barbican art gallery and are an interesting format, thy split down into three sections within the actual design and the format is based around this too. The three sections are there to provide a perforation within the print to include the ticket which would be ripped off the far side, but the rest of the design still includes the important information for the exhibition. I like the design style to these and the concept behind them with the perforation. Something interesting to think about.

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