Thursday, 16 February 2012

Review of blog

This blog is probably the hardest out of them all for my to grasp. I know that we use this blog for documenting any sort of research or secondary material and then the contextual studies workshops etc. But i don't know why i just think that there should be more to it.
From looking through everything on here there is a big variety in research and what i have looked at for my work. I have noticed that on this blog i don't really write that much/describe things in my blog posts, so thats something i need to start doing. At the minute is does just look like a blog of imagery that links into my work, but theres no sort of explanation to anything, so from now on i will defiantly improve this.
I do think its a great idea of having a blog for all the research etc as it saves having to print everything out and you can go back to things and look at things you have researched into. There is always going to be design work and ideas that I've looked at which i can use in future for anything else.

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