Tuesday, 28 February 2012


For the session with jo on friday we have to find 10 things which we find interesting from out design context blog and then collate some information from the blog about this subject.

10 interesting things:
- erik kessels style work

- history of typography

- public advertising

- cultures and how effected design

- Anthony Burrill//screen printing

- Manifesto
As part of one of Jo's task we had to look into manifesto and i found some interesting ones in the process, some which were taking more light heartedly and others which were real, i did find reading these really interesting and could be a subject to look into further. Im all up for motivational work, working with motivational speech and quotes etc. It could be something interesting to work with, also ties in with the work of anthony burrill in a way, so i could bring that element in too.

- modernist vs post modern

- publications

- packaging//3d work//installations

Russian contructivism  - 

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