Thursday, 23 February 2012

OUGD404//What is a line?

For this brief i am focussing on designing poster using life lessons/saying by experimenting with different printing techniques. I got my inspiration from Anthony Burrill, i have looked at his work for a long time and love everything about it, i have always wanted to do something based around this sort of work, so i thought while i could why not do it now!

I like the type poster of these, but i do also like the ones which have some image on them too, for my designs i think i am going to do a mix of just type and some type and image, just to vary the designs and show what you can do with each technique.

Andy smith is another designer which i have looked at, he also does a lot of screen printing along with other things like illustration. But his screen printing is more on the illustrated side, its still type but illustrated type, i do find this visually appealing and can take away some inspiration from this.

I found this designer; Stephen Kenny on a store which was selling screen prints. I think that all his work is plan type but with added small touches, like the illustrations make the poster a lot more visually, they are all woodblock type posters.

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