Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fred task - What is graphic design for?

With Fred we were look at what graphic design is for. There are 5 main catergories which graphic design is split down to:
- information & way-finding
- publishing & editorial
- branding & identity
- product & packaging
- retail & promotion
These catergories arent fixed and design work can cross between the subjects.
We started to look at Editorial & publishing. This catergory can broken down to:
- Magazine design - content/type/image/format/text &grid
- Book and Publishing - books/posters/cd design
- General Publication - similar to editorial publishing but for a wider audience.
For the task on this we had list 10 subjects within each category an then write 10 examples of this subject e.g magazine design - design magazines - grafik/creative review/blueprint etc

I was given general publication to research into, we managed to write down 10 subjects
- brochures
- annual report
- fanzines
- catalogues
but then found it hard to give examples of these because they are so broad and aren't normally in the public eye all the time, so for my research i have decided that i will 10 different examples of these based up good design and bad design.


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