Tuesday, 7 February 2012

100things…final crit

Today we had our final crit. Over the weekend i hap developed a few more ideas which i wanted to include in my products, these were the large scale maps and information postcard, i needed to print these this morning which i was hoping on doing so, but the print room was closed, so i had to do mock ups which i wasnt the happiest with but i wasnt the only one, so its okay!

For the crit we had to lay all our products out and then people would walk around and crit them in pairs.
With us doing it in pairs, it meant that you could have a discussion between you about the work and come to final judgement about the work to write down on the form. I like this way of critting.

I was really pleased with my feedback, i didnt really get that much criticism from it, the only thing was that i could of maybe included the map on the front covers of the city guides, which i did think of but decided against it. And that the designs could have been more australian, which i dont really understand how i could of done that but never mind.
The rest was really positive. They said that it all worked well and looked good, especially the layouts. They were good sized for the target audience. 
Yeah i was really pleased with it and made myself feel better about it all.

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