Monday, 28 November 2011

How to travel as a business man

For this new module we have been set a group task, these were organised by the theme of our how to questions, mine was to do with travel.
Within our group we initially came up with the idea of a guide for a travelling business man, with there been the right and wrong way about it.
From that everyone sort of went off on there own and did something different so it didnt really all fit together, so we decided that everyone would research into separate things and work this up into a concept, this would provide us with several ideas to take into the progress crit on friday, the feedback we get from the crit will help determine which idea or weather to combine ideas together to create the ultimate outcome for it.

I have decided that i am going to look into the things a business man needs on his travels. The essential equipment a business man should have and the things they need to know/think about when on a business trip to another country. 

I firstly looked into the description of a businessman:
'A businessperson (also businessman or businesswoman) is someone involved in a particular undertaking of activities for the purpose of generating revenue from a combination of humanfinancial, or physical capital. An entrepreneur is an example of a business person. Sometimes it can mean someone who is involved in the management of a company, especially as an owner or an executive. Sometimes it can also mean someone employed at a (usually) profit-oriented enterprise. The term businessperson almost always refers to someone with a "white collar" occupation.'

The essentials you need as a businessman:


  • An organizer is essential for any businessman who wants to be able to keep up with his schedule. It may be a small, pocket-sized calendar where he tracks his appointments in pencil, or it might be a high-tech gadget with his entire life on a microchip. No matter what tool he uses, a businessman needs something to keep him on track and punctual.


  • Depending on his job, a businessman needs the tools of the trade to perform his duties. For some this may mean a laptop and cell phone, for others it could be a sales kit and a white board. These are the items that no businessman will leave home without. Add to those items a professional quality pen and some means to jot down notes in a moment's notice.


  • Along with an organizer, every businessman needs a carrier that can be packed up with everything he needs to attend a meeting, call on a client or make a presentation. The briefcase should suit his style, but a nicely crafted carrier made of high-quality materials will make a statement.

Power Suit

  • Depending on the industry, some businessmen may wear suits on a regular basis. But every businessman needs a power suit hanging in his closet. This is the special occasion suit to be worn for the new client presentation, the final job interview or any other event that is high on the importance ladder.


  • A good suit will lose its luster if not accompanied by the right accessories. Every businessman needs a leather belt, good quality silk ties, dark-colored socks that go over the calf and, by all means, polished and shined dress shoes.

Business Cards

  • Every contact a businessman makes should be given a calling card with information on how he can be reached. Though he may leave an impression on people with his demeanor, skill and outstanding presentation, a method for followup is needed to seal a deal or form a business relationship.


  • A businessman who wants to be successful must have imagination. He needs to think creatively to find ways to make his business stand out from competitors. During his tenure, a businessman will be called upon to promote his business, resolve work issues, solve conflicts and dream up new ideas to keep his business fresh. All these skills will be enhanced with a strong imagination.


  • Confidence is the difference between an average businessman and one who excels. When a businessman enters into a relationship with a customer or business partner, the other party must be able to trust his judgment and decisions. He needs the confidence to be able to make a commitment and follow through with a business proposition.


  • Goals are what drive a businessman. Once he has goals, he can prepare a strategic plan with steps of how to accomplish each one.

Common Sense

  • A businessman must have the ability to think on his feet and react to emergency situations. He needs the sense to analyze a situation, determine a resolution and move forward quickly so that valuable time is not lost.

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