Monday, 14 November 2011

COP workshop// Aesthetics

The 5 most important Aesthetic qualities to me:
- Concept
- Colour
- Creative
- Minimal
- Type

5 experiences that will increase my aesthetic qualities:
- Go to more exhibitions
- Look for new artist/artist work
- Visit a different country with art/design influence
- Use the library more to find books with good design work in
- Explore the areas around me and the design within the urban landscape.

I feel that if i use/look at these things i have listed within these two lists then the things in which i find most important, i will understand more and get a better at using them. Looking at the design work that motivates me and is along the lines of what i would see myself doing, should improve my own abilities and expose me to new material which will help me develop as a designer.

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