Monday, 21 November 2011

Essay Bibliography

I have chosen to do the question 
'Choosing a particular period from 1800 to the present, in what ways has art or design responded to the changing social and cultural forces of that period? (2 specific examples)'

Within this question i am going to focus on music & subcultures and how these subcultures influenced graphic design at that period of time.

  • Cagle, Van M(1995)'Reconstructing pop/ subculture: art, rock and Andy Warhol'London,Sage Publications
I chose this book because it has the work of Andy Warhol and how it influenced the subcultures within the 1960's and 70's. It gives me a designer that i could actually look at the work for the specific examples.
  • Baird, Duncan & Walton, Roger(1997) 'Sight for sound: design for music mixes' New York,Hearst Books International
This book is all about Music graphic design, with everything about Album artwork to flyers and posters for gigs. I thought this would be good to see how the subcultures show through within the music design work.
  • Eskilson, Stephen J(2007)'Graphic Design:A new history'London,Laurence King
This book is all bout the history of graphic design, all the key events that happened in it are in there. It is all compared within the culture of that time too, which ties in with my question.
  • Thornton,Sarah(1995)'Club Cultures: Music, Media and Subcultural Capital'Cambridge,Polity Press
This book talks about subcultures in relationship to music and the media, which is the whole point of the question i am asking, s it is very relevant, as i can find the music that links in with the cultures to research into the design work for this.
  • McNeill, Patrick (ed.) & Townley, Charles(1986)'Fundamentals of Sociology'Cheltenham,Stanley Thornes Ltd
This book is a sociology book, but it has quite alot in it about subcultures, it talks alot about why they are formed and the psychology behind it all.

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