Thursday, 29 August 2013

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Is mobile advertising becoming bigger thanprint?

Digital media market research portal eMarketer have just released their latest insight into mobile advertising investment in the UK, unleashing the prediction that mobile expenditure will comprise 44.4% of total digital adspend by 2017 - an increase of 27.9% from this year.

As Britain extends its arm into the multi-screen spectrum, advertisers are sprinting towards the £1billion mark, with eMarketer forecasting total mobile spend in 2013 to total £999million, almost doubling the £526million splashed out in 2012. The staggering acceleration of the UK digital market is highlighted by the fact that the nation is expected to hit a cost of £127 per internet user for 2013, which is four times that of the United States.


As print advertising falls from this year's £2996million to an estimated £2669million in 2017 and the growth of outdoor, radio and television slackens, the digital market is poised to pick up the pieces as mobile will enjoy a corresponding increase of over 70% across the four year period. Digital currently outperforms all other formats, and in 2016 will alone consume more than their cumulative total.

Businesses are becoming increasingly more willing to invest in search and display advertising, adapting to the flourishing digital climate. Video marketing is also predicted to skyrocket, leaping from a 4% share in total digital spend this year to 12.4% in 2017.


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