Thursday, 25 October 2012

Web Design//Researching website ideas

For my own website i would love to design a website which scrolls through and tells a story as it goes along. My initial idea would be to have a scrolling timeline which tells the history of the VW transporters.
To get some ideas i have researched into some scrolling websites and then i am going to see if it would be possible to create something like this, I am aware it would be a lot simpler, but even having a look will be good for me.

After doing the first session of web design, i have realised that doing this sort of website probably won't be able to be produced in the time scale we have and that i don't really know how to do this.
So i have decided i could do something similar to make it look like this, by using a image in website and then clicking through, so it the image scrolls across the website.

These show the idea that i want to take on, but necessarily in the right place, but the idea of a something that flicks through the images, but i want to make it so you actually click it yourself and select the the one you want.

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