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OUGD504//What is design for print?

Branding and Identity

The concept behind this branding is what appealed to me the most. The idea that the business card is shaped like a biscuit and looks like one too, with the company name and details what looks to be laser cut into the design itself, it again looks like a biscuit. The concept and final product of this business card fit in well with the identity of the company and when you see it, it straight away identifies what the company is.

The bold yellow used throughout this branding was the attraction to me, it is very eye catching and appealing to the eye. The design runs throughout all branding products and well together as you can see it all fits together to make the shape of the company logo.

This i thought was a innovative design for a business card. It is something very different and one way which i have never seen a business card being done before. It is good to see different ways and techniques used to vary the products, especially when it comes to business cards as they can be so similar. By pushing the design aspect and going for something different it would definitely put the company out there and seen for its innovating ways.

Good identity used throughout all products, branding works well across all the products. I like the colours used, especially the yellow which makes it stand out from the rest.

I love the creative design idea behind this. A normal beer mat would be a tatty cardboard mat which most people play and rip with. But this design idea is great and i think the look of it, just sets off the company. The laser cut type in the corner works nice with the affect of the wood and the pale but bold colour beneath the wood effect top.

I like the idea of having the branding as a stamp, as its not tied to any sort of format or specific branding piece. The idea of being able to stamp it onto anything that needs the branding applied, is a good idea to me. It would also work best if the company was something to do with hand crafted etc as it would fit with the ethos of that company.

This is a really creative design idea and i love the idea behind it. It suits the business and from looking at this business card you could easily recognise the identity and what the company is.

Bright orange is very eye catching and works well with the black printed on top. makes the whole branding stand out and contrasts the cardboard material. Branding looks good across all products and formats.

I like the cut out area at the top of the business card, makes the whole design different and interesting compared to some others. The colours used within the design work well against the white stock and generally looks like a great design.

The printing process on this business is the reason that i chose it, along with the idea that it stands out alot and is very bright. It would catch your eye and make you want to pick it up and see what it was about, which is the intended idea.

Packaging and Promotion
This was very eye catching to me and the reason why i chose this piece of design, its a very innovative idea and is taken from the idea of coffee carriers. The whole look ad style of this particular carrier works well with the beer cups and gives a full hand crafted feel to whole packaging.

This is one of my favourite packaging. I love the design idea and full look of the packaging. The concept of the identity of the drink being the actual aesthetics of the packaging is great. The shape of the packaging is interesting too and is something different of that of any normal juice packaging.

This packaging is for nuts and is by the brand PIST. I like the idea of the shape of the packaging, its something different to normal of a nut package and it also folds out to have two separate compartments for the nuts. The design and look of the packaging is really well executed and the styling is right for the nuts company.

This again is an inventive packaging the shape is different and quirky which i like. Also the packaging is for breakfast oats and to get the oats out of the packaging you have to break it in the middle, which the packaging illustrates by playing on the 'breakfast' changing it to break fast.

Another good design for packaging t-shirts. I normally find that t-shirt packaging is really boring and not alot to it, but this is really creative and would look really good in the shop.
I love the concept behind this packaging, as an individual packaging the cheese packaging works really good and obviously shows what is inside the box, but then putting them all together makes the full circle of cheese.

As a promotional piece this is interesting as a design, the top illustration sections catches your eye and makes you want to look and see what its about. Good use of type hierarchy within the design too.

I love the whole design within this poster and the type and illustration used for it works well within context of it. The hand drawn look is sets the whole idea of the craft fair and suits the promotional material. 

I like how the two circles can be joined together on separate poster to make a larger poster in a different format. I think as the two together makes a much more interesting piece of design work compared to the single poster on its own. the colours used work well against the black and white added a little extra to grab your attention.

This poster caught my eye because of the illustration/collage at the top of the poster, i think as a poster it work wells and gives all the relevant information needed in a creative and interesting way.

I like the illustration element to this poster, especially the banner at the top of the poster, this section of the design, sets it off and makes it stand out when you first see it. The rest of the design is quite ordinary and generic as a poster, but i still like the design overall.

This is my favourite out of all the poster just because of the printing technique used to create the poster. I love the effect and style letterpress gives any piece of design work. It works well on the material used and the overall design has a sort of olden, west country feel to it by the type and fonts used within the letterpress.

Publishing & Editorial
On this layout i like how the image has been cropped within the layout but runs across both pages, it ties in both the pages and makes them work together well as a full layout. The colour within the headings, pull the whole design back in with the red within the photos and make it work so much better.

Again the front cover on this publication is a great design, i love the green overprint on the images and think that it works great. The green sets off the publication nicely and adds to the design element of the publication. The newspaper looks great in black and white too.

This isnt so much about the actual editorial layout, but more about the design and layout of the front covers, as you can see there is two different publications, but the both join together by the images used within the design on the books. This to me indicates that the publications would be some sort of sequel or addition to each other. I like the idea of it and think it really works for that purpose.

Again the printing process and how the colour and image and body copy has been laid out and used together on the page really appeals to me. The yellow is bright and attracts your eye to the page. It looks to me like it has been used with a spot colour.

As a contents page i think this layout works really well, the large numbers split up the chapters of the publications but also make the page more interesting. 

The colour and print process on this layout is the attraction to me. I like how the text and images are overset over the body copy.

The layout of this design is really good, i like how the layout is split into the two columns and uses the leaders to separate the different information up. 

On this layout i like how the cover page, i like size of the title compared to the body text and the layout of the images too.

The use of the images and type on this editorial attract me to it. I like how the body text overlaps the images and the layout of the title and subtitles works really well within the page structure.

Information & Wayfinding
I like the colours used within this design, the yellow and black contrast off each other well and makes the whole design stand out and catch your eye when you look at it. The information shown on the infographic is clear and well set out. 

Infographics within a editorial, the colours used work with the stock of the publication but yet still makes the graphs stand out and easy to spot. The layout of the pages is good as there is alot of information within the spread but its not overpowering because of the layout used.

Again infographics within a editorial, this is good but i also find it a little boring, the main colour is the colour of infographics and the rest is just white which i find quite boring to look at. It stands out and you can easily identify the different elements within the layout but its not the best design.

Good colour combinations used, i like colour of the stock with the red used throughout the design. The layout and type have been considered and makes the design look well structured and easy to follow all the information displayed which is essential on a infographic like this.

I find this design different from the rest, its not the normal layout and the elements of the the design within it, make it  really interesting to read and to look at. I like the use of the gradient throughout the whole design and also the type on the first page.

the illustration aspect of this design was the main reason why i chose it, i think the style of the design really makes it stand out and the whole layout and everything works well. The colours used complement each other, making the design interesting and eye catching.

Another inforgraphic within a editorial design. The layout is structured well, with all the relative information being labeled to the corresponding information down the right hand side. The illustrations of the items are really good along with the choice of colour

I love the concept of this idea, i think it would work so well within a car park and wish it would actually be put in place. The idea of it would work well as it informs which way is which, but it also brightens up the dull and dungy car parks giving them a bit of life and a nicer environment to be in

The use of type within these designs is great and makes this design such high quality. I like the fact that it goes around the corners of the walls to make it seem 3D. Within the design, the information is displayed in more than just english too which appeals to all audiences. It would make a museum or department store etc much more visual and interesting to see if this was used more.

I think this is really creative and a good idea for a department store floor plan. Its a bright and colourful design to get your attention and the actual design of it is something different, so youd want to stop and look at it. The different materials used within the design all work well together and make it a much more interesting design.

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