Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Research for further developing ideas

After doing my initial ideas i have decided to look into the idea of navigation, focus and jungle bugs more, i found images that could help me develop these ideas more.
Direction symbols, one of the ways i thought of making up the letters

These images are maps made up of typography, but the type used tells you what is on the streets, eg speed bumps etc. This gave me the idea of using the maps to make my letters, using the roads of leeds to form the letterforms.

These images are of using typography in layers/missing parts. I thought that this represents 'No concentration' well. The ones made up with lots of layers could represent 'focus' not being focus on something means its a blur which this symbolises. The type with missing parts could represent 'attention', if you aren't paying attention to something that is being said, then when you think back, you can only remember parts of it or in some cases none of it, i think this would resemble this well. 

These are just some images of insects/bugs which i could base my idea for the jungle bugs on.

These images i found were in relation to the idea of each letter representing a different country by an iconic thing.

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