Wednesday, 28 September 2011

5 graphic designs i love

I love this design because it is using different materials, its made out of wood which is laser cut to make the design in it, then a coloured piece of perspect is put behind it to make the colours come through. I love this because its more of a traditional design; not all on photoshop. I like things like this, not rely on a computer to make a good design, i think this is more than a good design its excellent, i hope to do work like this.

Again i like this design because its a traditional technique, its done using screen printing. I love the effect screen printing gives a design, the imperfections that the design has especially the edges and the fact that each print will be different in some way.

I love this because of the typography, lots of different type has been used in this one design but they all work well together and compliment each other. I like each typeface used within it and think it lookes really good.

I love this, i love anything letter press/woodblock work. I love the effect that it gives and everything about it. They way the process is done, the outcomes it gives, with each print being different and all the little imperfections you get on each letter. Its completely different from digital work and you wouldnt be able to get the same results trying to copy it on photoshop.

I love Tim Marrs' work, any of his work i like. I like how he uses photos, hand drawings, textures, paint, symbols, illustrations all together and layers them up to make the design. But when you look at the design in detail there is an underlaying story to it that makes it even better. Each time you look at one of his designs, you notice something new or interpret it in a different way.

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