Monday, 17 October 2011

research into design ideas for 'nobody is perfect'


These posters are by Anthony Burrill and Andy Smith, they are all screenprints but i like the design and colours used in the posters. I like the layouts of them too. I dont really want to go for the screenprint look but i like the idea of using the bright, bold colours against the black to make it stand out more. In the bottom ones i like how there is different typefaces used within the design but it all still works together well. The type used is to describe the word being said.

These designs are by Robbie Porter which were produced for Urban Outfitters. This is where i developed my idea of the body with a question mark for its head. When i saw this i liked it right from the start and thought it was a good play on the people, which i also liked the idea of. I initially thought of doing this sort of idea but with an animals head, as that could show traits of a person, but i thought a '?' would fit in with my phrase more. I really like the style of these designs too, but i think there abit plain for mine as i want mine to be bold and stand out.

For the image poster i needed to draw a suit for the top half of the person i was going to have on the poster. I have researched into different suit styles and positions i could have them in on the page.

Poster layout designs

I looked at these poster designs as part of my research to look at different layouts i could put all my information/images in on my own poster.

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