Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Theory to practice//Books

I found an online book which we were shown when we did the workshop on anatomy of type, this is really useful as it breaks down everything to do with the anatomy of type and makes it really easy to understand.

I also went to the library to take some books out to help me get all the information i need. I found quite a lot on this subject so that was good for me.

This book covers fonts, with information on: - the history of the font, where used and the purpose of it.

This book is all about the classification of typography. It breaks down each of the classifications into common characteristics of each one.

This book covers the anatomy of type and classification of typography.

Again this book covers fonts and has information on: history, creator, date, sample of it at different point size and style, general information about it and work it has been used in. 

So far i have a lot of books which cover the Anatomy, Classification and showing actual fonts. Some of the books have a small section of information about the font and the creator, but this is what i need to get more information on now. 
Finding the timeline has helped me a lot, as i can use this as a basis to form my timeline, but the content of the history behind the type is defiantly what i need to get more information on. 

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