Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Theory to Practice// Change in Idea

So before Easter we did our presentations for our proposed idea which we were going to do for this brief. After doing the presentation i got some feedback that i needed to put more theory into my idea, so i made changes to it to include more theory, but it just wasn't happening, i wasn't getting the idea of what i wanted to produce and what i did want to do wasn't really answering the brief properly.

So i have now changed my idea completely and run with something else. Within the process of deciding what i want to do the second idea was to work with the the history of type lecture, bringing elements from the Anatomy of type workshops.
So what i am going to produce is a timeline of the history of typography, where it first began, how it first began and what has come in-between all the way to today. Which fonts were created when and who by and why they were.
I want to compare the different fonts in styles and how they are designed by breaking down the fonts.
I also think a technical guide to typography could be interesting, showing how a letterform is broken down into its elements, the different classification of typefaces etc.
I see this being produced as a sort of guide to typography.

I feel a lot more strong about this idea and think that i can defiantly get my teeth into this a lot more.

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