Monday, 23 December 2013

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Practical // Idea & Product

After working on my dissertation, my attention has turned to the practical element of the brief. This side of the dissertation has taken me alot longer to think of an idea, as i want to create a product that investigates the question and subject area of my dissertation as well as the written element of it does, I didnt want to just reproduce my dissertation in a graphic design style.

After much thought and development of the idea I have my final idea which I am pretty happy with and looking forward to start. The practical element is going to be a publication. The publication is going to put into practice the idea of a bespoke design and production as within the written element this evidences that this is the way printed publishing will turn.

The content of the publication will be a website. The subject area is if print is relevant in the digital age, so comparing print and digital design is the essence of this. We see designers and writers talking about making print into digital, but the idea of turning digital into print is never looked at. So I will code and produce a website, which I will then take the code of this and lay it out into a printed document. The layout of each page within the publication will replicate the pages of the website, but the coding for this page will be laid out as it would appear on the website itself.

For the website, I am going to produce one which is for myself, this will include information on me as a designer, a online portfolio of my work and contact details. These pages will make up the content of the publication, which once done, I could hand to someone to code and it would produce my website.

Elements within the publication such as typeface will take representation of a digital nature and how the coding of a website aesthetically looks. This will carry through the page numbering etc. The format of the publication is going to be A2. I have choose to use a large format as the tactility of a publication is the essence of it, making it large format, physically means the user is interacting with it. The publication will also be screen printed as this is essential to portray the idea of print vs digital. The stock of the publication will be GFSmith stock, the stock colours are that of my branding, orange, grey and off white, these will be used is various weights to represent the importance of pages of the websites.

I think this idea portrays the idea of my dissertation and explores the subject area in a interesting way. Producing the publication is going to be interesting and fun as it involves me working across print and digital, but brings them both together to produce the final product.

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