Wednesday, 6 November 2013

COP // Dissertation // Methodology & Critical Analysis

Need to clearly evidence why you selected methods of gathering information and selecting evidence and why they are the most appropriate for your study.

This will make you appear to be in control and aware of research project.

A systematic way of sifting through information to get to the point.

Put in introduction.

What is organising principle and approach

Theories - these can help you decide upon the methods you use. Alternatively the material you find may suggest the appropriate theories.

Choose one theory that relates to the material you are looking at

1.Methods 2. Theories 3. Application

1. make decisions about how to collect and order information
2. choose a relevant theoretical stand point
3. apply these to your study
4. Explicitly outline this in the introduction. Address suggested failing in the conclusion.

Critical Analysis
Critical take on the research - evidence and logic

What is the evidence for what you are saying.
Could you find more evidence to support your conclusions


Triangulation - putting alternative theories against a point of another

VISUAL ANALYSIS - have within essay.

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